Thursday, November 26, 2009

Powder Puff Clouds

Last weekend Mikey and I went on another adventure, this time to Port Adelaide.
These photos are of what I wore, more photos of the scenery and markets on my other blog soon if your interested :)

It was quite windy, but the sky was perfectly filled with powder puff clouds...

I love my new black & white dress, it will pretty much match with anything! And these silver shoes are super comfortable, perfect for walking around the markets.

Black/white dress - Target

Grey/black heart cardigan - Kmart

Bow headband - Accessorise

Bag - Big W

Shoes - Target


Sophie said...

Oh Rose you look lovely, This dress is so nice. It looks like you were at a gorgeous place, I can't wait to see more photos!
Thanks so much for your lovely comment, I adore postsecret its so lovely. xo

Oraphan said...

Sounds like you had such a fantastic day and weather! Powdered puff clouds with beautiful blue sky looks so amazing! I love your black and white outfit and the silver shoes look so lovely and comfy. You look fabulous, Rose!

Maria Confer said...

I so adore your cardigan!!

This makes me miss Boston harbor.

Sher said...

The cardi is so adorable, Rose! I love it too!!!

And your pictures at Port Adelaid are very beautiful, I wanna see more!!

Tagged you for a fun activity at my page:)

betz said...

lovely cardigan. and your photos are beautiful. =)